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Adaptations Dance Theater

Through creativity, collaboration and performance, Adaptations Dance Theater (ADT) seeks to inspire and develop a culturally-dynamic and continually growing community of dance on Maui, Hawai'i. ADT strives to contribute to and sustain the art movement in Hawai'i by offering a home to professional, contemporary dancers, whether trained locally or abroad.

Katherine has worked with ADT as a contracted graphic designer.

ADT logo


Working with ADT's directors, Katherine devised a new logo for the company. In celebration of ADT's 10th anniversary, the wordmark evokes a solid presence with simultaneous inner motion forward.

Pivot & Process Program


Katherine created branding assets and promotional graphics for two of Adaptations Dance Theater's educational programs: PIVOT and Process Program. The goal was to give each program a distinct visual identity while also ensuring they looked cohesive when shared together. 

"Bring It Home" Promotional Materials

Katherine designed 2023 promotional materials for ADT's annual "Bring It Home" production. "Bring It Home" is a professio
nal contemporary dance structure that allows Maui-raised dance artists pursuing professional dance careers elsewhere to return to Maui, collaborate with resident dancers, and present original works for Maui's island community. In celebration of the company's 10th anniversary, the 2023 graphics incorporated 10 photos from throughout ADT's history. 

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