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RAWdance is a bicoastal contemporary dance company known for transforming theaters and public spaces through a mix of performance, curation, and collaboration. Under the guidance of three co-Artistic Directors, the company’s nuanced, charged dances pose questions ranging from the broadly social to the intimately personal. 

Katherine worked with RAWdance as an interim Digital Marketing Manager (2021-22).


During her time with RAWdance, Katherine's designed social media content commemorating the CONCEPT series' 15th anniversary as well as promotional materials for the 3rd Digital Edition including social media ad campaigns, a video trailer, and marketing emails. 

"TAKE 3"


Katherine produced social media content, social media ad campaigns, and marketing emails for RAWdance's virtual "TAKE 3" performances co-presented with ODC Theater.  

RAWdance photos by Elena Zhukova

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