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San Francisco Dance Film Festival

Founded in 2010, the San Francisco Dance Film Festival (SFDFF) brings dance to new audiences through the presentation and development of dance-based media. Along with the annual presentation of its award-winning festival, SFDFF's year-round activities include special screenings, panels, and filmmaking workshops. 

Katherine has worked with SFDFF as a contracted graphic designer. She also was a member of its 2022 screening committee.

SFDFF's Stage to Screen Festival


Katherine designed promotional materials for SFDFF's triumphant return to in-person events, its 2022 Spring Festival: Stage to Screen.



For SFDFF's bi-monthly online showcase, Encore Shorts, Katherine designed a logo as well as templates for the series' promotional graphics. 

2022 Festival


Katherine designed a collection of digital materials for the 2022 San Francisco Dance Film Festival including "call for submission" graphics, festival advertisements, and title graphics for each of the festival's programs.

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