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Brava! For Women In the Arts

Brava! for Women in the Arts celebrates over 30 years as a professional arts organization, and over 20 years of owning and operating Brava Theater Center. Brava’s current artistic programming includes traditional and contemporary music festivals, a variety of film festivals, contemporary and experimental theatrical productions, international comedy shows, lectures, and professional dance productions — making Brava one of the most eclectic and multifaceted arts venues in the Bay Area. 

Katherine has worked with Brava as a contracted graphic designer since 2016.



Katherine redesigned in 2016 and, through the process, helped establish the company's brand identity. Once the new site was launched, she trained Brava's staff on its maintenance before passing it off to them for continued management. 

A computer monitor displaying Brava's website

FUNDRAISING & Programming


From annual appeal campaigns to youth program recruitment, Katherine has assisted a variety of Brava's activities through designing print and web pieces.


Pictured here: brochure for the Mission Academy of Performing Arts @ Brava.

BRAVA Presents


Brava's flagship program, Brava Presents, curates a diverse assortment of events for which Katherine has designed promotional materials. 

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